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Website Objectives

This website will be more efficient and save more time and strength since users can be where ever they are and pay for their courses without necessarily moving from one place to another. The system will enable users to learn from their devices from where ever they are anytime following their own personal daily routing.

The main objective of this website is to make learning easy especially for people who leave in far distances and people with tight work schedule.

Problem Addressed

Great Mike Foundation Digital training center has been losing students over the years due to distances and tight work schedule.

This is as a result of the fact that students contact from far distances to learn digital skills but cannot possibly travel all the way to the Onsite training center abandoning every other thing they are doing and bearing the cost.

Even some students who leave around the onsite training center faces problem with learning schedule due to their own personal daily schedules. All these problems are cost by the lack of an online training 3 platform which could make it possible for learners to study from any distance, at any time and at their pace.

 Expected Results/Solution

It is expected that this application should provide an online training platform where learners can pay for their courses, and study from any distance, at any time and at their pace.



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